Sapin sur Mesure, de Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini Noël 2011 Christmas collection

Internationally renowned master chocolatier Pierre Marcolini opened his first chocolate shop in Brussels in 1995.

Today he has two shops in Paris as well as stores in New York, Tokyo, Kuwait, and London in addition to his home country of Belgium.

He is one of the rare chocolatiers to personally select his cocoa beans, working with top quality, small-scale growers.

This year’s Christmas confections are made from the finest cocoa beans grown in Cuba, Ghana and Ecuador.

Bûches de Noël, de Pierre Marcolini

The Bûche de Noël is offered in three different versions: white chocolate mousse with lime, dacquoise and pistachio-nougatine filling; milk chocolate mousse with mango-raspberry filling, almond sponge and gingerbread; and dark chocolate mousse with caramel panacotta, almond nougatine and chocolate-hazelnut biscuit.

Sapin sur Mesure, de Pierre Marcolini
Entirely made of chocolate, the Sapin Sur Mesure (a customised chocolate Christmas tree) is fitted with chocolate cones that can be filled with truffles, pralines and other goodies.

Am Stram Gram, de Pierre Marcolini

The Am-stram-gram consists of coloured chocolate balls with different types of praliné fillings arranged in the form of a Christmas tree.

Teddy, de Pierre Marcolini

Teddy is available in dark, milk or white chocolate and comes with an assortment of colourful chocolates.

Sphère, de Pierre Marcolini
The Sphère de Noël features a round chocolate Santa Claus with no head! Santa’s (chocolate) face is in the bottom drawer of this gift box.

Surprise, de Pierre Marcolini

And finally, Marcolini’s Surprise, which comes in dark or milk chocolate, is filled with praliné and bits of nougat.

Pierre Marcolini’s Christmas creations are available in shops from December 1, except for Bûche and Sapin sur Mesure, available at the rue Scribe location from 17 to 24 December only.

Pierre Marcolini

89, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

3, rue Scribe, 75009 Paris

Photos: © Pierre Marcolini

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