Valentine's Day chocolate hearts, by Michel Richart

Les Mots d’Amour, by Michel Richart

For Valentine’s Day 2012, luxury chocolatier Michel Richart drew inspiration from “the ever-changing sides of love,” creating a set of unique textures and flavours called Les Mots d’Amour (Words of Love).

The collection includes three bite-sized chocolates and a larger bouchée.

Secret features a creamy centre with floral aromas and citrus notes, covered with a layer of smooth milk chocolate.

Passion has a thin Venezuelan dark chocolate shell and a centre infused with the aromatic notes of vanilla and passion fruit.

Fidèle (loyal) features the notes of roasted cocoa and almonds, sweetened by hints of linden and lavender, along with a milk chocolate shell.

The large bouchée, dedicated to the word Secret, has an unctuous centre infused with floral and citrus aromas, covered with a dark criollo chocolate shell.

Valentine's Day chocolate hearts, by Michel Richart

Available at Richart, 258, boulevard Saint Germain 75007, and 27, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris.

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