Nouvelle tarte chocolat, La Maison du Chocolat

The new chocolate tart from La Maison du Chocolat

It’s difficult to improve on something as deliciously smooth and satisfying as the classic chocolate tart.

But why not give it a new look?

Nicolas Cloiseau, creative director of La Maison du Chocolat, has done just that, giving the traditionally round chocolate tart some sleek new lines.

Square or rectangular, the new chocolate tart features rich, silky dark chocolate ganache with a hint of vanilla on a crunchy, buttery pâte sablée crust.

The design may be simple, but the contrast of textures and flavours is anything but!

Nouvelle tarte chocolat, La Maison du Chocolat

Available at La Maison du Chocolat stores starting October 4.

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Photo: © La Maison du Chocolat

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