Chocolate Easter Rabbit, Jean-Charles Rochoux

Jean-Charles Rochoux’s chocolate Easter bunnies

These magical chocolate Easter bunnies are handmade by Paris chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux, renowned for his wondrous chocolate sculptures of animals and other figurines.

Rochoux’s “Maître Lapin Chocolatier” (pictured below) is made with 540 grams of either dark, milk or white chocolate and has an additional 150 grams of chocolate surprises tucked inside its hat.

“Chapeau Lapin” (following photos), modelled after a magician’s rabbit, is also available in dark, milk or white chocolate. Slightly smaller at 320 grams, it comes with a hidden stash of yummy handmade praliné Easter eggs.

Chocolate Easter Rabbit, Jean-Charles Rochoux

White Chocolate Rabbit, Jean-Charles Rochoux
Dark Chocolate Easter Rabbit, Jean-Charles Rochoux
Chocolate Ladybug - Jean-Charles Rochoux
Also featured in this Easter collection is Rochoux’s l’Œuf et la coccinelle (The egg and the ladybug), a play on Jean de la Fontaine’s fables. A praliné-filled dark chocolate lady bug sits on a chocolate leaf contemplating a golden egg. (128 grams)

Jean-Charles Rochoux, 16, rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris

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Photos: © Jean-Charles Rochoux

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