Chocolate Unwrapped, by Sarah Jane Evans

For anyone curious about the fascinating history of chocolate, or for those looking for a how-to primer on tasting, Sarah Jane Evans’ Chocolate Unwrapped is a captivating and informative read.

This well-researched and beautifully illustrated book covers all aspects of chocolate. The introduction is teeming with interesting anecdotes and facts about chocolate history, geography, botany and production. In it, the author skillfully tells the story of chocolate: from its early use by the ancient Mayans, to its introduction to European royalty in the 16th century, the development of chocolate empires during the industrial revolution and the high-end designer chocolatiers of today.

She also explains how to taste chocolate like an expert and offers tips for successful tasting.

The second part of Chocolate Unwrapped, which forms the bulk of the book, presents an A-to-Z compendium of 82 of the world’s finest chocolate producers, with profiles and tasting notes for each. Evans’ selection spans the globe, with particular emphasis on U.K., U.S., French and Italian chocolatiers.

Among the French chocolate producers profiled are Bernachon, Chocolat Bonnat, François Pralus, Jean-Paul Hévin, La Maison du Chocolat, Michel Cluizel and Valrhona.

Chocolate Unwrapped also features a handy glossary of chocolate terms, as well as a selection of useful addresses.

Sarah Jane Evans, one of the U.K.’s leading food and wine writers and a founder of the U.K.’s Academy of Chocolate, clearly knows her subject. Readers will enjoy this enjoyable, aromatic narrative. For many, it will forever change they way they view—and taste—a bar of chocolate.

Chocolate Unwrapped: Taste & Enjoy the World’s Finest Chocolate, by Sarah Jane Evans
Pavilion Books, 2010
Hardcover, 240 pages
Language: English
Available on Amazon US, UK, CA & FR.

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