Jean-Charles Rochoux Paris chocolate fish and hearts

Jean-Charles Rochoux: Valentine’s Day collection

Romantic little fish and hearts with wings are featured in Jean-Charles Rochoux‘s Valentine’s Day collection.

The Paris chocolate artist and chocolatier, known for his intricately crafted chocolate sculptures, has created some cute, wide-eyed fish to mark the occasion.

The hand-decorated “poisson Lolita” is made of white chocolate with almond and hazelnut praliné. It is available separately or as part of a composition that includes six ruby red dark chocolate hearts.

Rochoux’s winged heart is made of dark chocolate also blended with almond and hazelnut praliné. The wings are made of white chocolate.

Jean-Charles Rochoux  Paris chocolate fish
“Poisson Lolita,” (9 cm, 160 grams each)


Jean-Charles Rochoux Paris chocolate fish and hearts
Composition featuring chocolate fish and hearts. (250 grams)


Jean-Charles Rochoux Paris chocolate heart
Chocolate heart with wings. (230 grams)


Jean Charles Rochoux, 16, rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris

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Photos: © Jean-Charles Rochoux

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