Facts About Tea

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-Tea is the world’s most popular beverage after water. More tea is consumed worldwide than coffee, hot chocolate and alcohol combined.

-Annual production of tea is around 3.15 million tonnes worldwide (2003 figures).

-Half of the world’s total tea production comes from China and India.

-India is the world’s largest tea-drinking nation.

-When taken with milk, tea contains calcium, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin and manganese, making it a nutrient-rich drink!

-Green tea contains more fluoride than fluoridated water. It’s good for your teeth!

-A cup of tea typically contains 40-50mg of caffeine, less than half the amount contained in a cup of coffee.

-It’s easy to decaffeinate loose tea. Simply begin brewing tea as usual, but remove the leaves after 15-20 seconds. Discard this first brew and begin again with fresh boiling water. The tea leaves are now decaffeinated.

-A single pound of tea can be used to make up to 200 cups of tea.

Tea around the world


Green tea is the national drink in China, and Chinese social life is largely centered around the tea house.


The Bedouins of Egypt make their traditional mint tea by boiling green tea leaves and mint and sweetening the infusion with lots of sugar.

Great Britain

The British traditionally drink black tea at breakfast, lunch as in the evening. ”Afternoon tea,” during which tea is served along with scones, pastries or small sandwiches, is an important British institution.


In India, black tea is prepared with milk and sugar. Spiced tea (chai) is made by adding cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and sugar.

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