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Saint Patrick’s Day beer-flavoured chocolates

One of Parisian chocolatier Patrick Roger’s seasonal specialities is his Saint Patrick’s Day chocolate — a dark chocolate ganache infused with Irish Guinness beer! Inspired by the symbol of Ireland, the shamrock, and the country’s favourite beverage, these Saint Patrick’s Day chocolates are one-of-a-kind in France, where Saint Patrick’s Day is not traditionally observed. Except … Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day beer-flavoured chocolates

Chocolate breasts, anyone?

In keeping with his bold and unconventional style, Parisian chocolatier Patrick Roger has created some audacious chocolate treats to mark Valentine’s Day — chocolate breasts! The cheeky confections consist of a creamy salted caramel mousse filling covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate dusted with cocoa powder. Master chocolatier Roger came up with the … Continue reading Chocolate breasts, anyone?

Paris chocolatiers celebrate Valentine’s Day

From a chocolate alphabet to create your own Valentine’s message (Jean-Charles Rochoux) to limited edition chocolate “diamond rings” (A la Mère de Famille), Paris’s chocolatiers have come up with some deliciously creative ways to mark the day with chocolate. Le Figaro newspaper offers this round up of special Valentine’s day sweets created for the occasion … Continue reading Paris chocolatiers celebrate Valentine’s Day