chocolate Berlin Wall

Chocolate wall marks fall of communism

Passersby may have noticed some unusual displays in Parisian chocolatier Patrick Roger’s shop windows recently.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Roger, known for his ambitious creations, built a 15-meter-long replica of the infamous barrier between East and West.

The structure was made with 900 kg of chocolate and took three weeks to complete.

It was decorated with reproductions of graffiti art by East Side Gallery artists such as Thierry Noir, Birgit Kinder and Dimitri Vrubel, using cocoa butter mixed with food coloring.

Segments of Roger’s “Wall” will be on display at his three Paris stores until November 9, 2009, date on which they will be symbolically torn down.


Sections of Patrick Roger's chocolate replica of the Berlin Wall (photos: courtesy of Patrick Roger)



Patrick Roger - Mur de Berlin

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