chocolate heart, by Patrick Roger

Chocolate breasts, anyone?

In keeping with his bold and unconventional style, Parisian chocolatier Patrick Roger has created some audacious chocolate treats to mark Valentine’s Day — chocolate breasts!

The cheeky confections consist of a creamy salted caramel mousse filling covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate dusted with cocoa powder.

Master chocolatier Roger came up with the design “as a celebration of the female form.”

chocolate breasts, by Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger has also adapted his classic chocolate hearts to his female-form-inspired theme. The hearts feature either milk or dark chocolate centres.

Both Valentine’s Day treats are available in different sizes, with prices ranging from 20 to 50 euros.

chocolate heart, by Patrick Roger
Photos: courtesy of Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger is not the only Parisian chocolatier who sells chocolate breasts. Jean-Paul Hévin makes his “Sein Chocolat” using almond milk, coconut milk and ginger. The treats, offered in packages of six, are available exclusively through Jean-Paul Hévin’s website or at gourmet food retailers.

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