Gérard Mulot

Best strawberry tart in Paris: Gérard Mulot

With the arrival of spring, fresh fruit tarts are back. Figaroscope magazine has carried out testing and ranking of Paris’s strawberry tarts (tartes aux fraises) to determine which pastry shop makes the city’s best.

Tarts gathered from notable pastry shops were scored on appearance, flavour and freshness of strawberries, overall taste, and price/quality.

Top marks went to Gérard Mulot’s square tarte aux fraises, cited for its simplicity and the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Runners up (in order) were Jacques Genin, Dalloyau, Ladurée and Dominique Saibron.

The winning tart, which received 16 out of 20 possible points, “meets all the criteria while remaining simple,” the Figaroscope report states. “Gérard Mulot’s tart, without being oversized, was very appetising, and well-garnished with fragrant strawberries. The crust, with just enough crunch, was garnished with a light crème pâtissière.”

A total of 17 strawberry tarts were tested. Complete scoring details and ranking are available on Le Figaro’s website.

Le test des meilleures tartes aux fraises de Paris (Figaroscope)

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