Bûche "Rudy", de Jean-Paul Hévin

Jean-Paul Hévin Noël 2011 Christmas collection

Chocolatier and pastry chef Jean-Paul Hévin is one of Paris’s most famous chocolate artisans.

His flagship chocolate shop in Paris on the upscale rue Saint-Honoré (1st arr.) is a sleek modern space filled with exquisite chocolate creations and pastries.

Monsieur Hévin is notably famous for his chocolate Eiffel Towers, chocolate cigars and fashionable chocolate stiletto shoes as well as for the trendy “chocolate bar” concept, which he first launched in Tokyo back in 2002.

For this holiday season, he has created some innovative yet playful chocolate desserts.

Bûche drapée, de Jean-Paul Hévin
A scrumptious crimson blanket adorns the chocolate Bûche de Noël drapée, which features hazelnut dacquoise, milk and dark chocolate mousse, almond sponge, morello cherry compote and raspberry jelly.

Bûche Grand Cru, de Jean-Paul Hévin
The Bûche de Noël Grand Cru is made with crispy praliné, chocolate genoise, orange-ginger jelly and chocolate mousse.

Bûche Rudy, de Jean-Paul Hévin

Rudy, a “total chocolate” bûche de Noël, features Santa’s favourite reindeer, with his chocolate antlers and chocolate red nose, and is filled with a dark chocolate mousse.

Nautilé, de Jean-Paul Hévin
Finally, something that could be straight out of a curiosity cabinet, the Renaissance features a “rare shell” filled with pearls and mounted on a carved “wooden pedestal.” In fact, this clever trompe-l’oeil is made of pure dark chocolate. The pearls are macarons filled with chestnut and black currant ganache.

In addition, Jean-Paul Hévin’s latest book, Chocolat Chaud, has just been released and is available on Amazon.fr. It includes 40 original recipes for delicious hot chocolate, such as mango-, raspberry-, almond-milk-, roquefort- and even caviar-flavoured hot chocolate!

Jean-Paul Hévin
231, rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

Photos: © Jean-Paul Hévin

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