Bûche de Noël Coeur Frivole, de Gérard Mulot

Gérard Mulot Bûches de Noël 2011

Since its opening on the Left Bank in 1975, Gérard Mulot‘s boulangerie, pâtisserie and chocolate shop has established itself as a gourmand institution.

Today, the company has grown to include three shops in Paris and several stores in Japan.

The flagship boutique on rue de Seine is known for its gorgeous window displays of jewel-like cakes and pastries.

For the 2011 holiday season, Gérard Mulot is offering no less than a dozen different luxury bûches de Noël.

Here are just a few of the exquisite holiday desserts available:

Bûche de Noël Zénith, de Gérard Mulot
Bûche de Noël Zénith features a succulent chocolate mousse made with 70 per cent Guanaja chocolate, lemon cream filling, citron peel marmalade and chocolate sponge roll.

Bûche de Noël Blueberry, de Gérard Mulot
Bûche Blueberry, as its name suggests, is composed of wild blueberry jelly, crispy puffed rice biscuit and Montélimar nougat foam.

Bûche de Noël Cœur Frivole, de Gérard Mulot
Bûche Cœur Frivole is filled with both milk and dark chocolate mousse and covered with a layer of dark chocolate ganache.

In addition, Gérard Mulot is offering traditional buttercream bûches de Noël in four classic flavours (coffee, chocolate, praliné, and Grand Marnier) as well as scrumptious chestnut (Ardéchois), chocolate (Magie Noire) and fruit-based bûches (Amaryllis, Médicis, Charlotte framboise).

Gérard Mulot
76, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

Photos: © Gérard Mulot

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