Galette de Rois Melchior, by Gérard Mulot

Gérard Mulot Galettes des Rois “Mon Paris 2012”

As the Fête des Rois (Epiphany) approaches, pâtisseries across Paris are offering traditional galettes des Rois, the delicious frangipane-filled puff pastry dessert.

Left Bank chocolatier and pâtissier Gérard Mulot has created an assortment of tasty galettes des Rois, from the traditional Amande, to more fanciful creations like the Royale Melchior (almonds, pistachios, dried fruits), Galette Carrée aux Pommes, Simplement Chocolat, and the heart-shaped L’amour de Galette (wild berries and pistachios).

Galette de Rois Melchior, by Gérard Mulot

This year, Monsieur Mulot’s galettes des Rois feature a new collection of fèves, consisting of six tiny gold-plated Paris monuments: the Eiffel tower, Sacré Coeur, Géode, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and Musée du Louvre pyramid.

As with traditional fèves, one of these tiny monuments is hidden in each galette. Whoever finds it is crowned king (or queen) for the day!

Fèves Mon Paris 2012, by Gérard Mulot / Simlucide

These six fèves, designed by Simlucide, are also available for purchase as a set.

The galettes are available at Gérard Mulot’s three shops in limited quantities as well as on a pre-order basis.

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