Cluizel Chocobag, red

Chocolate fashion: Chocobag, by Catherine Cluizel

For those in search of original chocolate gift ideas, Michel Cluizel has some fun creations in store.

Daughter Catherine Cluizel, who runs the Cluizel chocolate shop on rue Saint-Honoré, is the designer of some glamorous haute couture chocolate handbags.

The Chocobags come in brown, red or pink and are made of either 72 per cent cacao dark chocolate or 37 per cent cacao milk chocolate.

They feature chocolate handles, chocolate clasps and even chocolate brass buttons!

Inside every Chocobag are some delicious chocolate cacao beans filled with single-origin Los Anconès ganache from Saint-Domingue….as well as some tiny white chocolate perfume bottles.

The 400-gram Chocobag comes in its own case and is available year-round from Michel Cluizel.

Cluizel Chocobag, brown


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