Pâque'Sous, chocolate piggy bank by Arnaud Delmontel

Arnaud Delmontel presents Pâque’Sous, a chocolate piggy bank

For Easter 2012, renowned Parisian boulanger-pâtissier Arnaud Delmontel (Best Mille-feuille in Paris, 2010 and Best Baguette in Paris, 2007) has decided to break away from the traditional symbols of Easter.

Instead of the usual chocolate bells, hens and fish, Monsieur Delmontel has created a cute and colourful chocolate pig.

But this bucolic little pig, made of dark chocolate, is no ordinary chocolate pig. It is in fact a chocolate piggy bank, filled with chocolate eggs and chocolate coins.

Pâque'Sous, chocolate piggy  bank by Arnaud Delmontel

Pâque’Sous comes in two sizes and is available at Arnaud Delmontel’s three shops in Paris.

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Photo: © Arnaud Delmontel

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