Abanico Chocolat, Pâques 2012

Oeuf Gourmand chocolate eggs from Abanico Chocolat

“Head for the stars to discover your choco personality,” is what Abanico Chocolat invites chocolate lovers to do this Easter.

Abanico founder Victoire Finaz, who trained as a psychologist prior to becoming a chocolatier, has made choosing a chocolate Easter egg something of a personality test, with different coloured chocolate rings corresponding to different planets and personality types.

These individual 250-gram gourmand chocolate eggs come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate and are filled with either hazelnut praliné or an assortment of chocolate seashells.

Abanico Chocolat, Pâques 2012
The chocolate eggs feature a choice of blue (Neptune), green (Saturn), red (Mercury), black (Mars) or yellow (Venus) chocolate rings, respectively associated, according to Abanico, with adventurous, curious, passionate, humanist and refined personality types.

Abanico Chocolat, Easter eggs 2012

Also on offer from Abanico for Easter is an assortment of 40 dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate Easter eggs filled with hazelnut praliné.

Available at Abanico, 7, rue Portalis, 75008 Paris

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