Pierre Hermé’s coffee macaron recipe

A review of Macarons, by Pierre Hermé (Grub Street, 2011), would not be complete without whipping up a batch of scrumptious macarons from among the many delicious recipes presented in this fabulous collection. With dozens to choose from, I decided on coffee macarons, one of ten flavours Pierre Hermé has grouped together under the heading “classics.” (The … Continue reading Pierre Hermé’s coffee macaron recipe

Macarons, by Pierre Hermé

While the popular double-sided Parisian macaron was invented back in the 1930s, Pierre Hermé is famous for taking the delicate meringue confections to a whole new level of sophistication. The celebrated Parisian pastry chef and chocolatier is known for his exotic macaron flavours, both sweet and savoury. The author of several books on French pâtisserie and … Continue reading Macarons, by Pierre Hermé

Patrick Roger: Spotlight on Easter eggs

Chocolatier-sculptor Patrick Roger, famous for the stunning window displays of his Paris chocolate shops, has designed some Easter eggs with a splash of colour just in time for spring. These hand-painted chocolate eggs feature dabs of yellow, orange and green…or simply white. The Easter eggs are made of either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. They are filled … Continue reading Patrick Roger: Spotlight on Easter eggs

Ladurée’s anniversary Easter chocolate

Ladurée, the Paris pâtisserie famous for inventing the double-sided macaron back in the 1930s, is equally renowned for its fine chocolates. In fact, the Ladurée store on rue Bonaparte (6th arr.) boasts a separate chocolate shop next door to the pâtisserie. Among the house specialities are chocolates infused with aromatic herbs, mint and strawberry, mendiants … Continue reading Ladurée’s anniversary Easter chocolate

Oeufs, énigmes et chocolat & other Easter egg hunts

Centre des Monuments Nationaux will be holding its annual Easter egg hunt at 53 national monuments across France on Sunday, April 8, 2012. Called Oeufs, énigmes et chocolat (eggs, enigmas and chocolate), the event is a fun way for children and their families to learn about history and architecture. It is sponsored in part by … Continue reading Oeufs, énigmes et chocolat & other Easter egg hunts

Jean-Paul Hévin’s Easter chocolate curiosities

For Easter 2012, Parisian chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin is presenting some unusual specimens from his cabinet of chocolate curiosities. For starters, there’s Oeuf curieux, a chocolate egg hatching out of its shell; La Chouette, a “wooden” chocolate owl of sorts; and Oeuf de tortue, a chocolate “turtle egg.” There’s also Poule drôle de zèbre, a chocolate hen with … Continue reading Jean-Paul Hévin’s Easter chocolate curiosities