Ladurée Oeuf Pétale

Ladurée’s anniversary Easter chocolate

Ladurée, the Paris pâtisserie famous for inventing the double-sided macaron back in the 1930s, is equally renowned for its fine chocolates.

In fact, the Ladurée store on rue Bonaparte (6th arr.) boasts a separate chocolate shop next door to the pâtisserie.

Among the house specialities are chocolates infused with aromatic herbs, mint and strawberry, mendiants (chocolate disks covered with dried fruit and nuts) and chocolate-covered macarons.

For Easter, Ladurée chocolatiers have created some limited-edition anniversary chocolate eggs and other goodies.

Ladurée Oeuf Pétale
Oeuf Pétale, is what Ladurée describes as a “destructured” chocolate egg, decorated with crystalised rose, jasmin and violet blossoms. It comes with dark chocolate and milk chocolate bonbons.

Ladurée 150th anniversary Easter egg, dark chocolate
Ladurée’s engraved anniversary chocolate eggs come in either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. The eggs are filled with chocolate bonbons and macaron chocolates (chocolate-covered macarons)!
Ladurée 150th anniversary Easter egg, milk chocolate

Laduree Easter 2012
These classic chocolate hens are made of either dark chocolate (filled with vanilla marshmallow), or milk chocolate (filled with hazelnut marshmallow).

Available at Ladurée stores in Paris.

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