Cake à la Rose for August

Ladurée’s featured anniversary pastry for August is the “Cake à la Rose,” a delicate rose-flavoured cake decorated with fresh rose petals. Baked in individual portions, it features a golden, buttery crust and a rich and moist interior. “Cake à la Rose” is the 8th in a series of twelve new pastries and desserts unveiled by … Continue reading Cake à la Rose for August

Summer Desserts: Mousse au Chocolat

What could be more divine than  chocolate mousse? Light yet satisfying, silky smooth and flavourful, it is the perfect finish for any meal. This classic French dessert has been served in France since the early 19th century. Alexandre Viard, a chef to Louis XVI and Napoleon, described it in the 1820 edition of his culinary encyclopedia, Le cuisinier royal … Continue reading Summer Desserts: Mousse au Chocolat