"La Duchesse," Ladurée's featured pastry for November

Ladurée’s November pastry: La Duchesse

The 11th in Ladurée‘s series of 150th anniversary pastries — one for every month of 2012 — is La Duchesse.

This moist cake features walnuts, a light chestnut mousse, bits of glazed chestnuts and a mini meringue. It is is topped with silky milk chocolate fondant and encased in delicate sheets of chocolate.

La Duchesse draws its inspiration from a vintage form of one of today’s classic French pastries. Prior to 1850, “pain à la duchesse” or “petite duchesse” were the names given to what are known today as éclairs.

They were composed of various types of pastry (not just pâte à choux) filled with chocolate, coffee, pistachio, chestnut or vanilla crème pâtissière and covered with chocolate fondant.

"La Duchesse," Ladurée's featured pastry for November

La Duchesse is available at Ladurée stores in Paris and elsewhere.

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