Bûche "Le Burgundy"

Bûche de Noël “Le Burgundy”

One of this year’s most distinctive bûches de Noël can be found at the upscale Hôtel Le Burgundy, in Paris’s 1st arrondissement.

This limited-edition chocolate dessert is in fact an edible replica of the hotel’s colourful bar, painted by artist Véronique Charpy.

It features a chocolate and chestnut sacher sponge, delicate mandarine jelly and cognac mousse topped with a sleek layer of dark chocolate.

Bûche de Noël “Le Burgundy” can be enjoyed at the hotel’s restaurant, Le Baudelaire, or ordered for take-away.

Bûche "Le Burgundy"

Hôtel Le Burgundy, 6-8, rue Duphot, 75001 Paris.

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