Les Marquis de Ladurée Easter chocolate collection

For its first Easter chocolate collection, Les Marquis de Ladurée has created a set of elegant, beautifully garnished chocolate eggs.

L’Œuf Trésor is a limited-edition chocolate egg containing a pyramid of miniature yuzu-chocolate macarons. It comes in milk chocolate or dark chocolate and is available in two sizes (40 cm or 70 cm).

Also on offer is a collection of cameo eggs decorated with medallions featuring “Le Marquis” or “La Marquise,” emblems of Ladurée’s new chocolate shop in Paris.

The cameo eggs (also offered in two sizes) are made of either dark, milk or white chocolate and are available individually or in a classic Ladurée gift box.

Ladurée Oeuf Trésor chocolate egg

Ladurée collection oeufs camées

Ladurée collection oeufs camées

Ladurée collection oeufs camées

Available at Les Marquis de Ladurée, 14, rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris and Ladurée boutiques in Paris.

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