Pâtisserie des Martyrs, Paris 75009

Pâtisserie des Martyrs: Fall pastry workshops

Ever dreamed of taking a French pastry class in a real Parisian pastry shop? This could be your chance. 

Chef Sébastien Gaudard of Pâtisserie des Martyrs is offering a series of hands-on pastry workshops this fall.

Chef Gaudard and his team will be sharing techniques and secrets for successfully making meringue, eclairs, croquembouche, kougelhopf, rhum baba, bûche au chocolat, chocolate truffles and an assortment of other classic French pastries.

Four three-hour Saturday sessions will feature various twists on a classic French recipe or ingredient.

Here’s the line-up:

  • September 28:  La meringue – meringue chantilly, Othello, doigts de fée
  • October 26:  La Pâte à choux – éclairs, choux à la chantilly, croquembouche, pet de nonne
  • November 16:  La Brioche – kougelhopf, polonaise, baba au rhum
  • December 7:  Du chocolat pour Noël – bûche au chocolat, sablé au chocolat, truffe au chocolat

All workshops will be held at Pâtisserie des Martyrs, located in the former premises of the historic Maison Seurre, at 22, rue des Martyrs, in the 9th arrondissement.

For pricing, space availability and times, call +33 (0)1 71 18 24 70
or e-mail patisserie@sebastiengaudard.com

Pâtisserie des Martyrs, Paris 75009

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