Davide Comaschi, World Chocolate Master 2013

World Chocolate Master 2013: Davide Comaschi

The fifth edition of the World Chocolate Masters wrapped up today at Porte de Versailles in Paris, following three days of intense competition among some of the world’s finest chocolatiers and pastry chefs.

The winner of the title of World Chocolate Master 2013 is Davide Comaschi of Italy. Mr. Comaschi trained at CAPAC in Milan and currently works at the city’s Pasticceria Martesana. He has competed in many Italian and international competitions.

The Silver award went to Marike Van Beurden (Netherlands) and the Bronze award was won by Deniz Karaca (Australia).

Davide Comaschi, World Chocolate Master 2013

Held from October 28-30, alongside the Salon du Chocolat Professionnel, the bi-annual World Chocolate Masters Finals competition saw national finalists from 19 countries square off in front of a demanding international jury of celebrity chefs and master chocolatiers.

David Comaschi Showpiece
Davide Comaschi Showpiece, World Chocolate Masters 2013

The theme of this year’s competition was “The Architecture of Taste,” and contestants had to rely on a great deal of innovation and talent to impress the judges.

Each contestant was required to create a gigantic chocolate showpiece, a chocolate pastry, a plated chocolate dessert, a moulded and a dipped praline, as well as a piece of architecture in chocolate assembled and mounted on a half globe representing the world.

Everything had to be created and delivered to the jury in only eight hours!

Participating this year were Ruth Hinks (U.K.), Dmitri Salmon (Belgium), Akihiro Kakimoto (Japan), Luis Robledo (Mexico), Jove Hubbard (U.S.), Davide Comaschi (Italy), Olivier Tribut (Canada), David Pasquiet (Switzerland), Yvan Chevalier (France), Vladimir Terentyev (Russia), Sergio Shidomi (Brazil), Hans Ovando (Spain), Yigit Zeyneloglu (Turkey), Lei Fu Veng (Macau), Deniz Karaca (Australia), Marike Van Beurden (Netherlands), Daniel Staron (Poland), Gustaf Mabrouk (Sweden), and Kevin Kugel (Germany).

Davide Comaschi holds the title of World Chocolate Master 2013 until the next final, to be held in 2015.

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