Graffiti Egg, Jadis et Gourmande

Jadis et Gourmande presents Easter chocolate “street art”

Jadis et Gourmande, the Paris chocolate shop famous for turning everyday objects into chocolate treats, is offering a collection of “street art” chocolate eggs.

Like the urban art they are inspired by, the company’s 2014 chocolate Easter eggs are decidedly non-traditional!

Œuf Graffeur,” “Street Egg” and “Œuf Pochoir” come in either dark chocolate (72 per cent) or milk chocolate (32 per cent).

Available in a variety of different sizes, these rebellious eggs come packed with Easter “fritures,” or small chocolate fish, chocolate-coated nougatine and tiny salted butter caramel easter eggs.

Also featured as part of the “street art” Easter collection is a chocolate candy box filled with Easter fritures and other goodies (not pictured).

Graffiti Egg, Jadis et Gourmande
Oeuf Graffeur, the graffiti artist chocolate egg from Jadis et Gourmande
Street Egg, Jadis et Gourmande
“Street Egg” from the “street art” collection
Oeuf Pochoir, Jadis et Gourmande
Oeuf Pochoir (stencil graffiti egg). The stencil design is made with coloured cocoa butter.

Available at Jadis et Gourmande, 56, rue Saint-Placide, 75006 Paris and other locations.

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