gehogs, Jean-Charles Rochoux

Jean-Charles Rochoux Easter collection

Animals are a favourite subject for Paris chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux, whose rue d’Assas shop is filled with amazing displays of chocolate sculptures of all kinds.

His Easter chocolate creations this year include squirrels and hedgehogs.

Available in dark, milk or white chocolate, Rochoux’s delicate chocolate hedgehogs feature plenty of attention to detail, from their spiny coats to their tiny noses.

His beautifully sculpted chocolate squirrels (also available in dark, milk or white chocolate) are decorated with edible gold dust and come with praliné eggs.

Hedgehogs, Jean-Charles Rochoux
Jean-Charles Rochoux’s chocolate hedgehogs (6 cm, 80 grams)
Chocolate squirrels, Jean-Charles Rochoux
Chocolate squirrels (11 cm, 430 grams)
Chocolate squirrel, Jean-Charles Rochoux
Chocolate squirrel (19 cm, 500 grams)

Available at Jean Charles Rochoux, 16, rue d’Assas, 75016 Paris.

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