Chocolate stiletto

Chocolate fashion: The chocolate stiletto

Heels may go in and out of style, but chocolate stilettos are always in fashion!

These chic, edible replicas of fancy footwear are a hot item in upscale chocolate shops from Paris to Tokyo.

At first glance, Jean-Paul Hévin‘s stunning version of the sexy stiletto looks like the real thing. Based on a design by French shoe designer Rodolphe Menudier, Hévin’s ultra-elegant solid chocolate stiletto has been offered in various colours and flavours, including green tea.

Chocolate stiletto
Jean-Paul Hévin’s chocolate stiletto: at first glance, this 180-gram life-sized edible shoe is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Whether orange, red or brown, filled with truffles, macarons or sugar-coated almonds, there are chocolate stilettos for every taste.

Chocolate shoe
A chocolate stiletto for Halloween, made by Georges Larnicol
Chocolate shoes
Chocolate stilettos on display at last year’s Salon du Chocolat…
Chocolate shoes
…made of dark, milk or white chocolate, decorated with sugar-coated almonds

And for those who prefer more “sensible” shoes? These chocolate flats and booties are made by Jospehine Vannier.

Chocolate shoes
Josephine Vannier’s chocolate footwear creations

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