A la Mère de Famille - Christmas chocolate

A la Mère de Famille Noël 2014 Christmas collection

At Paris’s oldest sweets shop, A la Mère de Famille, head chef and chocolatier Julien Merceron has created a whimsical collection of Christmas treats.

Chef Merceron’s 2014 Christmas collection features an over-sized chocolate Christmas present, a tiny marzipan Santa Claus lugging a gigantic sack of chocolate goodies, and what can only be described as a magician’s bûche de Noël!


A la Mère de Famille Noël - chocolate
Cadeau fantasmagorique” represents a fantastical Christmas present made entirely of 68-per-cent dark chocolate (Santa Claus made of marzipan). Measuring 63cm x 63 cm x 81cm, it weighs an impressive 16kg!


A la Mère de Famille - Christmas chocolate

La hotte fantastique,” Santa’s extraordinary sack, is made of 68-per-cent dark chocolate (also available in 36-per-cent milk chocolate) and filled with praliné chocolate pearls. (Santa Claus made of marzipan.) (14cm x 19cm, 500 grams)


A la Mère de Famille - Bûche de Noël 2014
The amazing Bûche “magie de Noël” is a frozen caramel and chocolate bûche resting on a crispy hazelnut and streusel base. The outer shell is made of 68-per-cent dark chocolate, with Santa’s hat and boots made of marzipan. (9cm x 8cm x 30cm, 1150 grams)

Fans of A la Mère de Famille will be delighted to know that the English-language edition of Julien Merceron’s gorgeous collection of recipes, A la Mère de Famille: Recipes from the Beloved Parisian Confectioner, was published earlier this year.


A la Mère de Famille, 35, rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, 75009 Paris and other locations.

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