L'Ecorce de Chocolat

Un Dimanche à Paris Noel 2014 Christmas collection

For its Christmas 2014 dessert collection, Un Dimanche à Paris has chosen the forest as its theme, creating three stunning bûches de Noël and a scrumptious chocolate Christmas tree.

The centrepiece of this year’s collection, L’Ecorce de chocolat (chocolate bark) features a textured dark chocolate outer layer encasing a soft inner core made of 66-per-cent chocolate mousse and mandarin cream covered with a smooth layer of chocolate icing. Underneath it is a base of crispy cocoa streusel.

L'Ecorce de Chocolat

Sapin ChocolatLe Sapin (Christmas tree) features a delicate chocolate shell filled with a light vanilla cream, 85-per-cent chocolate mousse and milk chocolate gianduja over a breton chocolate shortbread.

Bûche blanche exotiqueBûche blanche exotique combines a chocolate and cream cheese ganache, cubes of mango and calamansi (small citrus fruit similar to lime), almond sponge cake and a generous dusting of shredded coconut.

Bûche caramel noisettesBûche lactée caramel noisettes features caramel fondant, 40-per-cent milk chocolate and hazelnut cream and toasted Piedmont hazelnuts.

L’Ecorce Chocolat and Bûche lactée caramel noisettes are both gluten-free.

Available at Un Dimanche à Paris, 4-6-8 Cour du Commerce Saint-André, 75006 Paris

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