Dalloyau Paris, Easter chocolate

Dalloyau: A chocolate cuckoo clock

This striking chocolate cuckoo clock from Maison Dalloyau in Paris is made of 72 per cent Madagascar dark chocolate (roof/perch/base) and 43 per cent Madagascar milk chocolate (egg).

Pâques au balcon,” as the piece is called, comes in two sizes, 18.5 cm and 70 cm, and is filled with Easter fritures, or small chocolate fishes.

The bigger version is available in very limited edition: Only 10 numbered and signed pieces will be made!

Dalloyau Paris, Easter chocolate

“Ois’œuf” (below), Dalloyau’s cute bird-shaped Easter egg, comes in either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. The egg is filled with traditional Easter fritures and praliné chocolates.

Dalloyau Paris chocolate bird Easter egg

Dalloyau, 101, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and other locations in Paris.

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