Elias Laderach World Chocolate Master

World Chocolate Master 2018: Elias Läderach

The 2018 World Final of the World Chocolate Masters competition wrapped up yesterday at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris after three days of intense chocolate and pastry competition.

This winner is 29-year-old Elias Läderach of Switzerland, who now holds the title of World Chocolate Master 2018.

Läderach has worked as a product developer and pastry chef at his family’s chocolate business, Confiseur Läderach, since 2006.

Described by members of the jury as the “Usain Bolt of chocolate,” Läderach impressed with his speed and flawless execution of the demanding assignments required during the finals, for which the theme was “Futropolis.”

The runners up were Yoann Laval (France), who placed second, and Florent Cheveau (U.S.) who came in third.

Elias Laderach chocolate showpiece
Elias Läderach’s winning showpiece in the 2018 World Chocolate Masters Finals.

For this year’s world final, candidates were asked to think about the future of chocolate gastronomy and how cities of the future will influence the way we’ll live and eat, and the ways chocolate will be enjoyed.

They had to create seven items, including a “chocolate travel cake,” chocolate showpiece, chocolate bar of the future, chocolate “snack to go,” moulded chocolate bonbon, fresh pâtisserie, and a small chocolate piece of design reflecting the Futropolis theme.

Elias Laderach City of Tomorrow design
Elias Läderach’s “City of Tomorrow” design.

Finalists were selected in qualifying national rounds held between January 2017 and January 2018.

The 20 finalists were Daria Nechiporenko (Australia), Michal Iwaniuk (Poland), Martin Studeny (Germany), JingJing Liao (China), Florent Cheveau (United States), Jurgen Baert (Belgium), Patrick de Vries (Netherlands), Elias Läderach (Switzerland), Artem Glushkov (Russia), Barry Johnson (United Kingdom and Ireland), Desmond Lee (Singapore), Akihiro Kakimoto (Japan), Yoann Laval (France), Tor Stubbe (Denmark), Alejandro Salas Rodriguez (Mexico), Ivan Pascual Bossa (Spain), Aravinda Leelarathna (United Arab Emirates), Eun-Hye Kim (Republic of Korea), Maurizio Frau (Italy) and Yassine Lamjarred (Morocco).

Created in 2005, the World Chocolate Masters is the world’s leading culinary competition dedicated exclusively to the art of chocolate. The finals take place every other year. The competition’s main sponsor is Barry Callebaut.

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