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Des Gâteaux et du Pain

This very chic boulangerie and pâtisserie makes more than two dozen different types of bread, among which fresh baguette, fougasse, foccacia, raisin bread, rye bread. On the pastry side, you’ll find a delectable millefeuilles, lemon tarts, mont blancs, religieuses and savarins. House specialities include the Gateau au chocolat grands crus, which features a 70 per … Continue reading Des Gâteaux et du Pain

La Prairie de Coquelicot

Boulanger Thierry Racoillet (Compagnon du tour de france), and his team make up to 15 different kinds of breads daily, including four or five different baguettes and an array of speciality breads. The shops sells a wide assortment of classic pastries, including eclairs, religieuses, Paris Brest and various fruit tarts. Monsieur Racoillet takes great pride … Continue reading La Prairie de Coquelicot

Blé Sucré

Boulanger-pâtissier Fabrice Le Bourdat makes delicious breads, croissants, viennoiseries, cakes, pastries, macarons as well as regional specialities such as kouign amann. Monsieur Le Bourdat previously worked with Gilles Marchal (La Maison du Chocolat, Le Bristol). He is widely reputed to make the best madeleines in Paris as well as an amazing salted butter-caramel réligieuse. The … Continue reading Blé Sucré


Julhès is a combination boulangerie, pâtisserie, chocolatier, glacier, salon de thé, and traiteur. Founded in 1996, this family-run shops offers a full range of pastries and artisanal chocolates as well as a nice selection of breads. Julhès has additional locations nearby specialising in cheese and wine and imported foods. Julhès (Boulangerie-Pâtisserie-Traiteur) 58, rue du Faubourg … Continue reading Julhès