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Jean-Charles Rochoux: Three Wise Monkeys

For Easter 2015, Paris chocolate artist and chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux is featuring the Three Wise Monkeys—Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru—beautifully sculpted in chocolate. The Three Wise Monkeys are a pictorial maxim that reminds us to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” The trio’s popularity can be traced to a 17th-century carving over the … Continue reading Jean-Charles Rochoux: Three Wise Monkeys

Jean-Charles Rochoux: A trio of polar bears

Paris chocolatier-artist Jean-Charles Rochoux‘s Christmas 2014 collection features a trio of beautifully sculpted chocolate polar bears. These entirely hand-crafted chocolate bears are available in white, dark or milk chocolate. Each bear is approximately 8 cm tall and weighs 90 grams. Jean-Charles Rochoux, 16, rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris Copyright © www.chocoparis.com. All rights reserved. Photos: © Jean-Charles Rochoux

Jean-Charles Rochoux Easter collection

Animals are a favourite subject for Paris chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux, whose rue d’Assas shop is filled with amazing displays of chocolate sculptures of all kinds. His Easter chocolate creations this year include squirrels and hedgehogs. Available in dark, milk or white chocolate, Rochoux’s delicate chocolate hedgehogs feature plenty of attention to detail, from their spiny coats to … Continue reading Jean-Charles Rochoux Easter collection

Jean-Charles Rochoux: Christmas animals and a modern Santa

The animal kingdom reigns at chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux’s Paris chocolate shop, where chocolate elephants, rhinos and crocodiles line the shelves alongside rabbits, ducks and snails. No surprise, then, that Rochoux’s Christmas chocolate collection features some splendid sculptures of his favourite subjects. A chocolate reindeer, fawn and hare are just some of the festive goodies offered … Continue reading Jean-Charles Rochoux: Christmas animals and a modern Santa

Jean-Charles Rochoux’s chocolate Easter bunnies

These magical chocolate Easter bunnies are handmade by Paris chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux, renowned for his wondrous chocolate sculptures of animals and other figurines. Rochoux’s “Maître Lapin Chocolatier” (pictured below) is made with 540 grams of either dark, milk or white chocolate and has an additional 150 grams of chocolate surprises tucked inside its hat. “Chapeau Lapin” (following … Continue reading Jean-Charles Rochoux’s chocolate Easter bunnies

Patrick Roger’s “chocolate mine” opens on place de la Madeleine

Saturday, November 17 marked the launch of Patrick Roger‘s newest boutique in Paris on the very chic place de la Madeleine. But it’s not your typical chocolate shop. Described by the master chocolatier himself as a “chocolate mine,” the stunning shop is a magnificent showcase for Roger’s chocolate art, as well as his marvellous gourmet … Continue reading Patrick Roger’s “chocolate mine” opens on place de la Madeleine