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Angelina Paris: Bûche de Noël Annick Goutal

Maison Angelina‘s featured bûche de Noël this year was born of an encounter between the celebrated tea room and the luxury perfume shop Annick Goutal, both based in the elegant Tuileries neighbourhood. Camille Goutal recalls that when she would visit her mother Annick in her laboratory on rue Castiglione, the two would often head to nearby Angelina to enjoy … Continue reading Angelina Paris: Bûche de Noël Annick Goutal

Maison Dalloyau: Spotlight on Christmas

At Maison Dalloyau the spotlight is on the 2015 holiday dessert collection, beautifully photographed by Studio Harcourt in Paris. Founded in 1934 by Cosette Harcourt and brothers Jacques and Jean Lacroix, the legendary Paris photography studio is known for its glamorous black and white portraits of celebrities and high society figures. And now a renowned … Continue reading Maison Dalloyau: Spotlight on Christmas

Jean-Charles Rochoux: A trio of polar bears

Paris chocolatier-artist Jean-Charles Rochoux‘s Christmas 2014 collection features a trio of beautifully sculpted chocolate polar bears. These entirely hand-crafted chocolate bears are available in white, dark or milk chocolate. Each bear is approximately 8 cm tall and weighs 90 grams. Jean-Charles Rochoux, 16, rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris Copyright © www.chocoparis.com. All rights reserved. Photos: © Jean-Charles Rochoux

Hôtel Le Burgundy: Bûche “Etoile”

The five-star Hôtel Le Burgundy (1st arr.) is featuring a stellar bûche de Noël for the 2014 holiday season. Created by Chef Stéphane Tranchet, the six-pointed luxury dessert symbolises the Christmas star. “L’Etoile du Burgundy” is composed of six individual portions representing the six points of the star. Each one is decorated with frosted sugar diamonds and … Continue reading Hôtel Le Burgundy: Bûche “Etoile”

A la Mère de Famille Noël 2014 Christmas collection

At Paris’s oldest sweets shop, A la Mère de Famille, head chef and chocolatier Julien Merceron has created a whimsical collection of Christmas treats. Chef Merceron’s 2014 Christmas collection features an over-sized chocolate Christmas present, a tiny marzipan Santa Claus lugging a gigantic sack of chocolate goodies, and what can only be described as a magician’s bûche de Noël!   “Cadeau fantasmagorique” represents a fantastical … Continue reading A la Mère de Famille Noël 2014 Christmas collection

La Maison du Chocolat Noël 2014 Christmas collection

For this year’s holiday season, Nicolas Cloiseau, master chef of La Maison du Chocolat, has envisioned a Christmas collection that is both graceful and architectural. Chef Cloiseau’s exquisitely decorated bûche de Noël has sleek chocolate “branches” fanning out along its length. And his stylised collection of chocolate Christmas trees features intricate mendiant ornaments suspended between delicate layers of chocolate. Bûche Merveilleuse features hazelnut … Continue reading La Maison du Chocolat Noël 2014 Christmas collection

Un Dimanche à Paris Noel 2014 Christmas collection

For its Christmas 2014 dessert collection, Un Dimanche à Paris has chosen the forest as its theme, creating three stunning bûches de Noël and a scrumptious chocolate Christmas tree. The centrepiece of this year’s collection, L’Ecorce de chocolat (chocolate bark) features a textured dark chocolate outer layer encasing a soft inner core made of 66-per-cent chocolate mousse and mandarin cream covered … Continue reading Un Dimanche à Paris Noel 2014 Christmas collection