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A chocolate egg fit for a king

Chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux‘s regal-looking chocolate egg harks back to Easter traditions of yesteryear. Indeed, King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) used to distribute gold-leaf-painted eggs among his courtisans and servants at Easter.  Louis XIV was known to be very fond of chocolate, and under his reign, it became very popular at the Court. Jean-Charles Rochoux’s gold-leaf-painted chocolate egg is available … Continue reading A chocolate egg fit for a king

Dalloyau: “Œufs de Pack”

Maison Dalloyau‘s “Œufs de Pack” features half-a-dozen of the freshest looking chocolate eggs. Not only that, the “egg carton” is entirely edible too! These luxury chocolate eggs combine a delicate maple syrup mousse and a creamy milk chocolate centre. Each egg is decorated with a touch of edible gold leaf. The egg carton is made with crunchy Piedmont hazelnuts and tender sponge … Continue reading Dalloyau: “Œufs de Pack”

Patrick Roger: Spotlight on Easter eggs

Chocolatier-sculptor Patrick Roger, famous for the stunning window displays of his Paris chocolate shops, has designed some Easter eggs with a splash of colour just in time for spring. These hand-painted chocolate eggs feature dabs of yellow, orange and green…or simply white. The Easter eggs are made of either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. They are filled … Continue reading Patrick Roger: Spotlight on Easter eggs

Ladurée’s anniversary Easter chocolate

Ladurée, the Paris pâtisserie famous for inventing the double-sided macaron back in the 1930s, is equally renowned for its fine chocolates. In fact, the Ladurée store on rue Bonaparte (6th arr.) boasts a separate chocolate shop next door to the pâtisserie. Among the house specialities are chocolates infused with aromatic herbs, mint and strawberry, mendiants … Continue reading Ladurée’s anniversary Easter chocolate

An exquisite chocolate Easter egg from Dalloyau

Spring is in the air at Dalloyau, whose master chocolatiers have hatched a superbly sculpted chocolate Easter egg adorned with signs of the approaching season. Covered in shimmering pearl dust, Dalloyau’s chocolate egg features a bas relief of a songbird perched on some dainty blue blossoms. This artistic yet entirely edible chocolate sculpture is available … Continue reading An exquisite chocolate Easter egg from Dalloyau