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Ladurée: Charlotte Belle Hélène

In the spotlight this month at Ladurée is La Charlotte “Belle Hélène.” This luscious dessert is composed of dainty ladyfingers, yummy pear cream and vanilla mousse, dark chocolate, candied fruit and sliced almonds. The traditional “Charlotte,” which has been around for more than 200 years, is a round cake with a ladyfinger crust filled with fruit and cream. … Continue reading Ladurée: Charlotte Belle Hélène

La Coquette, from Ladurée

September’s pastry of the month at Ladurée, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, is La Coquette. Filled with a smooth, bittersweet chocolate crème pâtissière and covered in dark chocolate, this plump chocolate cream puff is sure to satisfy any chocolate lover’s sweet tooth. La Coquette is the ninth in a series of 12 … Continue reading La Coquette, from Ladurée

Cake à la Rose for August

Ladurée’s featured anniversary pastry for August is the “Cake à la Rose,” a delicate rose-flavoured cake decorated with fresh rose petals. Baked in individual portions, it features a golden, buttery crust and a rich and moist interior. “Cake à la Rose” is the 8th in a series of twelve new pastries and desserts unveiled by … Continue reading Cake à la Rose for August

A sweet strawberry macaron for July at Ladurée

Ladurée‘s 150th anniversary pastry of the month for July is the “butterfly,” a spectacular macaron garnished with a smooth, creamy filling and fresh fruit. The butterfly features a poppy mousseline cream with mara des bois strawberries and yuzu, sandwiched between two bright strawberry macaron shells. Mara des bois is a flavourful variety of strawberry grown in France that … Continue reading A sweet strawberry macaron for July at Ladurée

A tiny croquembouche for June

As part of its anniversary celebrations, Ladurée has served up yet another exquisite new dessert. The company’s “pastry of the month” for June is the “mini croque” – a miniature version of the traditional French croquembouche. Ladurée’scrumptious golden cone is composed of dainty caramel-covered mini choux (profiteroles) filled with a smooth and creamy vanilla and rum-infused … Continue reading A tiny croquembouche for June

Ladurée’s “le petit pot de fraise” chocolate and strawberry cup

As part of Ladurée‘s 150th anniversary celebrations, the Parisian pâtisserie is featuring “le petit pot de fraise” as its pastry of the month for May. This tasty single-portion dessert, created under the direction of Ladurée head pastry chef Vincent Lemains, consists of an entirely edible chocolate cup filled with cake and topped with fresh strawberries. It is … Continue reading Ladurée’s “le petit pot de fraise” chocolate and strawberry cup

Ladurée’s anniversary Easter chocolate

Ladurée, the Paris pâtisserie famous for inventing the double-sided macaron back in the 1930s, is equally renowned for its fine chocolates. In fact, the Ladurée store on rue Bonaparte (6th arr.) boasts a separate chocolate shop next door to the pâtisserie. Among the house specialities are chocolates infused with aromatic herbs, mint and strawberry, mendiants … Continue reading Ladurée’s anniversary Easter chocolate