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Macarons with Praliné Filling

The invention of pralines dates back to the 17th century and is most often attributed to Clément Jaluzot, master chef to César de Choiseul, Comte du Plessis-Praslin (1598-1675). Chef Jaluzot is said to have hit upon the idea of coating almonds with caramelised sugar, producing a sweet and crunchy treat that delighted his employer’s palate. … Continue reading Macarons with Praliné Filling

More macaron adventures

ChocoParis missed the last two MacTweets Mac Attack Challenges, the themed monthly macaron making challenges organised by Deeba and Jamie of MacTweets. Anyone can participate, and it’s a great way to learn while having fun. The deadline for this month’s challenge is December 25th. Ironically, despite not being able to make the deadlines recently, I’ve … Continue reading More macaron adventures

Macarons with Chocolate Kirsch Filling

For this month’s Mactweets Mac Attack Challenge we were asked to create a macaron inspired by a favourite childhood summer memory. Basketfuls of sweet cherries immediately came to mind: Un, deux, trois, allons dans les bois, Quatre, cinq, six, cueuillir des cerises, Sept, huit, neuf, dans mon panier neuf, Dix, onze, douze, elles seront toutes … Continue reading Macarons with Chocolate Kirsch Filling

Macarons with dark chocolate and candied ginger

The MacTweets Mac Attack challenge for the month of May was to find inspiration in a favourite childhood book. It’s no easy task to choose a single book when one has been fortunate to have a childhood filled with so many tales of adventure and magic. One thing is certain: first and foremost on the list of … Continue reading Macarons with dark chocolate and candied ginger

Macarons and April flowers

ChocoParis decided to let a bouquet of Easter flowers (tulips) serve as inspiration for this month’s MacTweets Mac Attack Challenge. These pretty pink chocolate and raspberry macarons were made with just a few simple variations to last month’s recipe for chocolate macarons. The basic recipe for French macarons can easily be adapted according to taste and … Continue reading Macarons and April flowers