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Le Burgundy Paris: Chocolate strawberries

At Le Burgundy Paris, the Easter chocolate collection is full of surprises. The hotel’s new pastry chef Julien Chamblas has created a trio of striking chocolate eggs that come apart to reveal a delicious assortment of chocolate goodies. The traditional chocolate egg has in fact been re-imagined as a chocolate strawberry, filled with yummy truffles, bonbons … Continue reading Le Burgundy Paris: Chocolate strawberries

Hôtel Le Burgundy: Bûche “Etoile”

The five-star Hôtel Le Burgundy (1st arr.) is featuring a stellar bûche de Noël for the 2014 holiday season. Created by Chef Stéphane Tranchet, the six-pointed luxury dessert symbolises the Christmas star. “L’Etoile du Burgundy” is composed of six individual portions representing the six points of the star. Each one is decorated with frosted sugar diamonds and … Continue reading Hôtel Le Burgundy: Bûche “Etoile”

Le Burgundy: A family of chocolate Easter bunnies

Stéphane Tranchet, head pastry chef at the luxurious Hôtel Le Burgundy in Paris, has created an Easter piece featuring a family of spherical chocolate Easter bunnies. The mother rabbit is made entirely of dark chocolate and dusted with pulverised white chocolate. Inside are delicious chocolate bonbons and crispy “pearls” of chocolate. The little ones are made with … Continue reading Le Burgundy: A family of chocolate Easter bunnies

Le Burgundy: O Christmas Tree

Le Burgundy‘s new pastry chef, Stéphane Tranchet, has created a striking cylindrical bûche de Noël. The sleek dessert features delicate orange-almond sponge cake, a cherry compote, liqueur-infused amaretti and dark chocolate cream. It is dusted with white chocolate and silver powder and encased in a lace-like dark chocolate shell adorned with shapes of Christmas trees. … Continue reading Le Burgundy: O Christmas Tree