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Les Thés de Constance & Marlette pop-up store

French online tea retailer Les Thés de Constance and organic cake and pastry specialists Marlette will be in Paris as a tea and cake “pop-up store” from May 21 to June 26. Les Thés de Constance specialises in exotic single-origin teas from around the world. Marlette, an Ile de Ré-based “bio gourmand” company, makes high-end … Continue reading Les Thés de Constance & Marlette pop-up store

Facts About Tea

back to Paris Tea Rooms -Tea is the world’s most popular beverage after water. More tea is consumed worldwide than coffee, hot chocolate and alcohol combined. -Annual production of tea is around 3.15 million tonnes worldwide (2003 figures). -Half of the world’s total tea production comes from China and India. -India is the world’s largest … Continue reading Facts About Tea

Kinds of Tea

back to Paris Tea Rooms With the exception of herbal infusions, all teas come from the camellia sinensis plant. Differences among the varieties are mainly due to the method of processing. Black teas Black teas owe their distinctive flavour and colour to natural oxidation or fermentation. Throughout the picking, drying and rolling process, natural enzymes … Continue reading Kinds of Tea

Tea Buying Tips

back to Paris Tea Rooms There are more than 3,000 varieties of tea! Many more than one person could ever sample. Yet most supermarkets stock mostly plain bagged teas, and perhaps only a handful of loose leaf teas. To buy quality tea, you generally need to deal with a specialty tea merchant. Specialty tea stores … Continue reading Tea Buying Tips

The Tea Plant

back to Paris Tea Rooms Camellia sinensis Wild tea plants can reach a height of 30 feet or more. But the tea plants grown on commercial estates throughout Asia are small, branching shrubs kept no more than two to six feet high by constant pruning. This promotes more leaf growth on the plant. The leaves … Continue reading The Tea Plant