Fauchon takes bite of Pascal Caffet chocolate

The prestigious French gourmet retailer Fauchon has acquired one-third of Troyes-based chocolatier Pascal Caffet, the company announced on March 19.

The move will see Pascal Caffet, one of France’s top chocolatiers and a world champion pastry chef, join forces with Fauchon to create products for the luxury chain, with the new goodies due out on store shelves as early as September 2010.

Fauchon’s 33.3 per cent stake in the company will enable Pascal Caffet to boost its expansion and upgrade its production facilities, located in Pont-Sainte-Marie (Aube department).

The company expects to eventually add ten full-time employees to the current staff of 36 as a result of the arrangement.

Pascal Caffet has five shops in France, four in Japan and one in Italy (Turin).

Founded in 1886, Fauchon today has 650 retail outlets in 23 countries, with its famous flagship store located on the place de la Madeleine, in Paris.

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