Ladurée Valentine's Day macarons 2012

Pink grapefruit for Valentine’s Day at Ladurée

The ambrosial flavour of pink grapefruit is the theme of Ladurée‘s Valentine’s Day treats this year — dainty macarons and a luscious chocolate-covered heart-shaped tart.

And what a wonderfully romantic flavour it is: tangy grapefruit paired with vanilla makes for a sweet and sensuous tastebud experience.

Ladurée, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2012, is offering a stylish gift box containing six deliciously fragrant pink grapefruit macarons.

The limited-edition anniversary box features a velvet ribbon and a heart-shaped seal.

Ladurée Valentine's Day macaron gift box 2012

Ladurée Valentine's Day macarons 2012

Vincent Lemains, Ladurée’s head pastry chef, has also created a “surprise” dessert: Un Amour de dessert. Enclosed in a heart-shaped, pure Caribbean-origin chocolate heart is a scrumptious tart composed of an almond pâte sucrée, roasted grapefruit supreme and pink grapefruit carpaccio.

Ladurée Un Amour de dessert, Valentine's Day 2012

Ladurée’s Valentine’s Day macarons are available in its stores worldwide. Un Amour de Dessert is available only in France, the United Kingdom (Harrods and Covent Garden locations) and Japan.

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