World Cocoa Day - Chocolate Day

World Cocoa and Chocolate Day

Today is the third annual Journée Mondiale du Cacao et du Chocolat (World Cocoa and Chocolate Day) in France.

Celebrated on October 1 each year, the event is an occasion to recognise and appreciate the vital role of small-scale cocoa farmers in the creation of chocolate—the marvellous “food of the gods” enjoyed by so many around the world!

For French chocolatiers, it is an opportunity to raise awareness among consumers about the need for sustainability and better economic and living conditions for the agricultural workers on whose labour the production of chocolate depends.

Most of the world’s cocoa is grown on small, family-owned farms, notably in Africa, where millions of people rely on cocoa-farming for their livelihoods.

This year’s poster features a life-sized chocolate sculpture of a cocoa farmer, chiseled by Parisian chocolatier and chocolate artist Patrick Roger.

Chocolatiers in Paris and around France will be marking the day in various ways.

The goal is for everyone to express their appreciation for every player in the cocoa-chocolate chain—from the cocoa farmers in tropical countries to the chocolatiers and confectioners who sustain the demand for chocolate.

An initiative of the Académie Française du Chocolat et de la Confiserie, Journée Mondiale du Cacao et du Chocolat was launched following the decision of the International Cocoa Organisation and the Cocoa Producers’ Alliance to establish World Cocoa Day, also held on October 1.

World Cocoa Day - Chocolate Day
“Le Planteur”, a chocolate sculpture by chocolatier and chocolate artist Patrick Roger

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