Chocolate Christmas ball, by Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini Noël 2012 Christmas Collection

“I wanted this year’s collection to be simple and mysterious. A structured combination of crunch, crackle and smoothness in streamlined shapes,” Brussels-based chocolatier Pierre Marcolini writes on his website.

And indeed it is. Pierre Marcolini has created a collection of “sphere-themed” Christmas chocolates, inspired, he explains, by the spirit of sharing and family get togethers during the holidays.

This year’s bûche de Noël features what the chocolatier calls “primitive chocolate,” chocolate that is not conched, but simply crushed. This results in chocolate with powerful primary aromas and a pleated texture.

The Christmas goodies include plenty of beautiful chocolate balls and truffles in delicious flavours, including a gorgeous chocolate ornament.

Chocolate Christmas ball, by Pierre Marcolini
Boule de Noël features dark chocolate and 30 tiny praliné-filled chocolate balls. (Designed by Charles Kaisin.)

Bûche Primitive is composed of tiramisu, hazelnut meringue, mascarpone mousse, rose jelly, crispy pistachio and Sudachi panacotta topped with primitive chocolate.

Fancy Christmas Tree, 2012 edition features new flavours, including praliné-cinnamon, butter-caramel, praliné-café, vanilla white chocolate, white Gianduja and nougat praline.

Sapin Rouge consists of a selection of single-origin chocolates and milk chocolate champagne truffles dusted with cocoa.

Pierre Marcolini recently opened a chocolate shop in Monaco, where he incorporates local Mediterranean products, such as lemons, honey, violettes and hazelnuts into his chocolate creations.

Pierre Marcolini, 89, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

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