Ladurée mini brioche

A mini brioche for December at Ladurée

Ladurée‘s featured pastry for December is “la briochette praliné et or fin” (mini brioche with praliné and gold leaf).

This rich and buttery mini “brioche mousseline” is filled with old-fashioned praliné and topped with gold-leaf-covered toasted Piedmont hazelnuts.

It is the 12th and final dessert in Ladurée’s series of 150th anniversary pastries.

Ladurée was founded in Paris in 1862, when Louis-Ernest Ladurée opened his bakery on rue Royale (8th arr.). Following a fire in 1871, he reopened his store as a pastry shop. Today the company — most famous for inventing the double-sided macaron — has stores around the world.

Ladurée Brioche

La briochette praliné et or fin is available at Ladurée.

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