Chocolats au miel, Jean-Charles Rochoux

Jean-Charles Rochoux: Dark chocolate & honey

As part of his fall collection, Paris chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux has combined the bitterness of dark chocolate with the sweetness of honey and toasted pine nuts.

The chocolate and honey collection includes three different chocolate bonbons made with three distinct varieties of honey, including honey produced in Paris!

Chocolats au miel, Jean-Charles Rochoux

Parisian honey benefits from a diverse vegetation and a long flowering season. The creamy and slightly mentholated honey used by Jean-Charles Rochoux is produced on the rooftops of Paris’s 4th arrondissement.

The new chocolates also feature mountain honey from the Auvergne region, which has intense woody and floral aromas, as well as delicate acacia honey produced in Ile-de-France.

Jean-Charles Rochoux’s honey chocolates come in a gift box of 12 pieces (120 grams).

Chocolats au miel, Jean-Charles Rochoux


Jean-Charles Rochoux, 16, rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris

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