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Le Bac à Glaces

Located just a short stroll from the Bon Marché, the shop and its giant ice cream cone are hard to miss. Known for its delectable chocolate sorbet, Le Bac à Glaces offers a huge variety of all-natural ice cream and sorbet flavors made with fresh fruit and berries, depending on the season. Copyright © www.chocoparis.com … Continue reading Le Bac à Glaces


A relatively recent arrival, the Italian chain Grom opened its doors in Paris in 2008, positioning itself as a competitor to Amorino, just around the corner on rue de Buci. Their dark chocolate, and extra noir chocolate flavours are sure to satisfy even the strongest chocolate cravings. New York Magazine describes Grom’s gelato as having … Continue reading Grom


This is probably the most famous ice cream shop in Paris. It was founded in 1954 by Raymond Berthillon, who at the time operated a hotel at the same location. The company is still run by his descendants. As the story goes, the enterprising Mr. Berthillon decided one day to bring out an ice cream … Continue reading Berthillon


Founded in Paris by two Italians in 2002, Amorino now boasts 12 locations in the French capital. You’ll find authentic Italian gelato in more than 20 flavors, including dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, soy milk chocolate and “The Incomparable” –  a creamy Nutella sensation. Orders are always artfully sculpted in amazing rose petal-like cones. Amorino 4, rue … Continue reading Amorino