Dalloyau: “Œufs de Pack”

Maison Dalloyau‘s “Œufs de Pack” features half-a-dozen of the freshest looking chocolate eggs. Not only that, the “egg carton” is entirely edible too! These luxury chocolate eggs combine a delicate maple syrup mousse and a creamy milk chocolate centre. Each egg is decorated with a touch of edible gold leaf. The egg carton is made with crunchy Piedmont hazelnuts and tender sponge … Continue reading Dalloyau: “Œufs de Pack”

Jour du Macaron 2015

Friday, March 20 is Jour du Macaron, a sweet day on which macaron lovers are invited to indulge in the tasty confection while supporting an important cause.  As in previous years, participating pâtisseries will be accepting donations for Vaincre la mucoviscidose, a non-profit association that helps those afflicted with cystic fibrosis. In return, visitors are offered a free macaron! … Continue reading Jour du Macaron 2015

La Maison du Chocolat & Moynat

For its Easter chocolate collection, La Maison du Chocolat teamed up with the French luxury trunk-maker Moynat to create some striking accessories for its chocolate geese. Indeed, for the chocolate trunks and bags featured in his Easter Flight collection, Chef Nicolas Cloiseau drew his inspiration from the famous curved luxury trunks handcrafted by Moynat Paris. Chef Cloiseau also created a unique chocolate … Continue reading La Maison du Chocolat & Moynat

La Maison du Chocolat: Easter flight

Easter chocolate takes flight at La Maison du Chocolat! Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau has fashioned a flock of dapper chocolate geese dressed in vintage aviator attire. Entirely handcrafted in chocolate, the collection features plenty of attention to detail, from the smooth patina and exotic skins of the leather trunks and suitcases, with their tiny clasps, locks and … Continue reading La Maison du Chocolat: Easter flight

Le Burgundy Paris: Chocolate strawberries

At Le Burgundy Paris, the Easter chocolate collection is full of surprises. The hotel’s new pastry chef Julien Chamblas has created a trio of striking chocolate eggs that come apart to reveal a delicious assortment of chocolate goodies. The traditional chocolate egg has in fact been re-imagined as a chocolate strawberry, filled with yummy truffles, bonbons … Continue reading Le Burgundy Paris: Chocolate strawberries

Dalloyau: A duo of heart-shaped tarts

The pastry chefs at Maison Dalloyau have created a pretty duo of heart-shaped tarts inspired by Japanese Valentine’s Day customs. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated like the Western romantic holiday. Instead, it is a day for women to give chocolates to men! The men, in return, give women presents on March 14th (White Day). Dalloyau’s Valentine’s Day tarts—raspberry … Continue reading Dalloyau: A duo of heart-shaped tarts

Jean-Charles Rochoux: Valentine’s Day collection

Romantic little fish and hearts with wings are featured in Jean-Charles Rochoux‘s Valentine’s Day collection. The Paris chocolate artist and chocolatier, known for his intricately crafted chocolate sculptures, has created some cute, wide-eyed fish to mark the occasion. The hand-decorated “poisson Lolita” is made of white chocolate with almond and hazelnut praliné. It is available separately or as part of a … Continue reading Jean-Charles Rochoux: Valentine’s Day collection