Coeur dentelle chocolate heart from Abanico Chocolat

Cœur Dentelle, a chocolate heart from Abanico Chocolat

Abanico Chocolat, is one of Paris’s newest chocolate shops. Founded in 2009 by Victoire Finaz, the company sells mainly online but also has a shop in Paris’s 8th arrondissement.

The name Abanico means “fan” in Spanish and the company’s signature chocolates are presented in a distinctive layered box that fans out to reveal the chocolates contained within.

For Valentine’s Day, Victoire Finaz has created Cœur Dentelle, a delicate lace-like chocolate heart containing seven of Abanico’s finest ganaches and pralines.

Coeur dentelle chocolate heart from Abanico Chocolat

Inside each heart you’ll find: Ile de Ré, hazelnut praliné with bits of salted butter caramel; Feuilleté, a crispy praliné with pieces of thin, crispy crêpe dentelle; Eclats de Fève, an almond-hazelnut praliné with chocolate nibs; Culte Maya, a four-spice ganache; Rouge Nature, a raspberry-caramel ganache; Tarte Citron, a crunchy ganache with a velvety smooth texture and bursts of lime, and Millésime Rosé, a fruity, frothy ganache.

Available at Abanico, 7, rue Portalis, 75008 Paris

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