Mont-Blanc Marron Cassis, from Ladurée

Mont-Blanc Marron Cassis, February’s pastry at Ladurée

As part of its 150th-anniversary celebrations, Ladurée is featuring a delicious new pastry every month throughout 2012.

The first in the series was the chocolate Bostock Cacao, launched in January.

February’s pastry, which also features chocolate, is the Mont-Blanc Marron Cassis.

Mont-Blanc is a classic pastry consisting of a sponge base topped with sweetened chestnut cream and whipped cream. The dessert, whose origins have been traced back to 15th-century Italy, is named for Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.

This scrumptious variation of the Mont-Blanc, created by Ladurée head pastry chef Vincent Lemains, consists of a meringue-topped mountain of chocolate, black currant compote and chestnut cream.

Mont-Blanc Marron Cassis, from Ladurée

Mont-Blanc Marron Cassis is available at Ladurée stores in France, the United Kingdom and Japan.

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